Welcome to the RDP Files

Posted: November 13, 2009 in General

It seems only fit to kick off a new blog with an introduction. An introduction to the author, to the content, and to the reason for writing a blog.

My name is Guy Yardeni.

I’m a 15 year veteran of IT infrastructure work, most of it done as a consultant and/or implementer assisting various organizations with deploying technologies such as directories, messaging, system management, security systems and content management platforms.

Most of my work these days focuses on the Microsoft products filling the above categories, but my past adventures have included in-depth exploration of Novell, Cisco, Citrix products and many more.

My typical day is spent designing solutions, implementing complex systems, supporting the technologies or providing knowledge transfer to IT staff about each solution and related products.

Which leads me to the question of why do we need another blog about IT technology: In the course of my work, I run across many difficult problems, questions and challenges. Most of these eventually do get solved, but many of the elements of the troubleshooting process or the solution are not available online. Furthermore, seldom are the details about the problem and the solution captured in an easily retrievable manner.

The notion that this hard to get, valuable information will not be available to myself (yes, I typically forget the details of the problem and solution after several months), my colleagues and IT professional seems very wasteful.

Therefore, the goal for this blog is to capture important information that I uncover in the course of my work and that would be valuable to myself and others down the road.

Finally, the name of the blog was selected because when I examine my work for the past several years, it seems that the tool that I use most often and that is most indispensable for my work is a good RDP client interface, which is used to remotely manage servers.

That’s it for the introduction, hope you’re ready for a steady stream of useful technical information.



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